4 Measures to Take For Clean Drinking Water For Your Family

Two glasses on a table half full of clean water.

As a parent or an adult in your family, you’re probably always looking out for the best possible ways they can stay healthy. That’s why, amidst growing health concerns in 2020, you may want to re-evaluate the kind of water you and your household are drinking too.

Water is an essential part of our diets and not only is drinking enough important — drinking clean, healthy water is vital. We recommend ensuring you have access to purified pH balanced healthy water — and here’s what you should do to get the ball rolling on this.

Test Your Tap Water’s pH

The first step to ascertaining just what pH level your tap water is to buy some home test pens. While the Environmental Protection Agency recommends tap water be between 6.5 to 7.5, slightly more alkaline water is better as opposed to slightly acidic.

Acidic water is a breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens as well as contaminants. It can also damage your pipes and faucets. Once you’ve figured out where your tap water stands, you can act accordingly.

Don’t Switch to Bottled Water

The first mistake most people make when they feel like their tap water isn’t clean is to switch to bottled water. While this can make logical sense, this is a bad move. The FDA’s regulations for bottled water are looser than the EPA’s regulations for tap water. This means that your tap water is probably better for you than most bottled water.

However, you should also remember that most plastic bottles either have BPA or BPA substitutes. BPA substitutes and BPA itself is known to leach into the water and cause abnormal activity in our cells, which is why this isn’t a very intelligent solution.


Whole House Filters

You can begin with getting whole house filters that clarify and sieve through the water that comes in all your taps. This is a great starting point, especially if you live in a zone where agricultural or industrial waste could be running off into your water supply.

Whole house filters come in a variety of technologies, each of which has its own pros and cons. Just make sure you consult with a filter expert before you buy and install one.

Bodyguard Bottles Magic

Of course, our most recommended solution is our reusable water purification bottles. We pride ourselves on the fact that our simple infusing mechanism allows you to get pH balanced healthy water in an eco-friendly bottle.

Our ceramic beads work in conjunction with each other to purify the water, turn it more alkaline to discourage pathogens and add essential micronutrients you’re probably missing in your diet.

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