The Problems with Chloramine in Our Water

A tap with water pouring out of it, focusing on the water spray

With one of the most efficient water treatment networks in the world, we should be grateful that there are mechanisms in place that will protect us from dangerous contaminants. However, there may be a hidden chemical that is harming you in your water supply.

Chloramine is a common contaminant in water and is currently being researched on for its health effects. However, it may take decades before official laws are made and passed about the regulation of chloramine in our water.

With over 30 years of experience in the water industry, we’ve seen firsthand how damaging chemicals like this can be, which is why we created the eco-friendly water purification Bodyguard Bottles. Let’s look at how chloramine could be affecting you.

What is Chloramine Anyway?

Chloramine is often confused with chlorine, but it’s actually a mixture of ammonia and chlorine, and is an active ingredient in oxidators, bleach and disinfectants. Water treatment plants often use chloramine to clean water and improve its odor and taste before the water continues to flow into our pipes.

While chloramine kills bacteria efficiently, it also stays in the water for a very long time. Simple filters can’t usually get rid of the chloramine; this process requires an extra step to the water purification process.

Why Should I Be Concerned?

The Citizens Concerned About Chloramine (CCA) in San Francisco Bay Area states that sinus congestion and related symptoms are triggered by the chloramine in water. The toxic qualities of the chemical can cause respiratory problems in the long-term as it damages the mucus in the lungs as well as reacts with red blood cells to stop them carrying oxygen.

Chloramine has also been shown to react badly with skin, causing rashes, blistering, pigmentation and more. Gastric problems as well as kidney and blood issues have emerged in people with consistent exposure to chloramine.

Moreover, filtration for chloramine is extremely difficult to do. The question is, how can you prevent chloramine from entering your system.

Getting Chlorine-Free Water

While a water filter targeted at your water supply is definitely in order, our Bodyguard Bottles can go the extra step in getting you better water. Chloramine’s more active hypochlorite ions thrive in neutral or acidic water. Alkaline water causes their effectivity to go down, thus protecting you.

The infuser mechanism in our reusable water purification bottles raises the alkaline level of your water, thus suppressing the effect of whatever chloramine remains in the water. This way, our bottles work to get you better water supply.

Their immense portability also makes them useful, thus allowing you access to pH balanced healthy water no matter where you go. Buy eco-friendly water purification bottles today and start hydrating more consciously.