Understanding the Mechanism of Bodyguard Bottles

When you begin researching about the contamination issues with water supply in the US as well as how germ-infested public water access points are, you’re going to think twice every time you drink some unfiltered or non-bottled water.

However, our Bodyguard Bottles are designed to address the issues with drinking water from public supplies along with offering an eco-friendly way to add nutritious water into your diet — all without the use of plastic.

Our environment-friendly water purification bottles could transform how you relate to water health and hydration. Let’s take a look at how they work.


The Different Components

The Bodyguard Bottles can be put into a dishwasher except for the packet of beads. These beads get damaged in hot water as well as in dishwashers. Every other component of the bottle can be washed as per usual. The video above runs through all of these points.

Each Bodyguard Bottle comes with a mechanism that is fitted into the bottle itself that acts as a purifier. The bottle itself is made of glass and has a top opening where you’d drink from and a bottom opening where you fill the water and the filter is attached.

When you need to use our reusable eco-friendly bottle, all you have to do is take off the bottom opening, remove the infuser basket and its ring and fill the water in.

After you’ve filled the water, you need to place the basket and it’s ring with the bag of ceramic beads that works magic by infusing the water with their antibacterial, mineral and alkaline properties.

Looking Closer at The Purifier Mechanism

Four Bodyguard Bottles in different colors lined up above a diagram labelling the different ceramic beads in the infuser.

You may be wondering how it is that some plain beads can purify and cleanse your water in the first place. Well, there are key properties that each of these beads possesses that allows them to act on the water.

  • The ORP balls are ones that are used in large water filtration plants as well as home devices that perform the same function. ORP balls are a huge contributor to infusing alkaline materials in the water.
  • With properties that treat skin diseases, Maifan stone infuses calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and selenium into the water.
  • Far-infrared beads are made of a unique ceramic that radiate waves which helps purify the water from pathogens and other biochemical materials.

These are just some of the components of the ceramic bead bag that works to purify the water in our reusable water purification bottle. Browse through the color options and make sure you read the instructions on how to keep it clean and working.