Why You Should Avoid Plastic and BPA in Your Water Bottles

A picture of a landfill full of plastic bottles and other trash

As a conscious consumer in the 21st century, there’s no way you’ve escaped all the online discourse about avoiding BPA and plastic with water bottle use. However, it can be hard to understand why these materials are actually affecting the quality of your drinking water.

At Bodyguard Bottles, we’re committed to providing reusable eco-friendly water purification water bottles. Before you can understand why this extra investment in healthy water and the environment is necessary, you need to know what consequences BPA and plastic have.

What is BPA Anyway?

A 2012 FDA ban on bisphenol A, more commonly known as BPA, for use in baby bottles started the public discussion on this material. BPA was found in multiple studies to produce estrogen-like effects that affect cell growth, repair, reproduction, energy and even feta development.

When BPA bottles or containers are made, the chemical isn’t always sealed permanently into the product. When food or liquids come into contact with these containers, BPA then leaches into it.

BPA has been restricted for use in the EU, Malaysia, Canada, and China to name a few locations. While no standard federal regulations on the use of BPA exist, research has shown why this product can be harmful.

Why Plastic Bottles Perpetuate the BPA Problem

With BPA under so much fire, many plastic packaged products advertise BPA-free materials. However, before you fall for that, you should be aware that BPA substitutes in these containers isn’t an efficient solution either.

Bisphenol S (BPS) is common substitute in use these days, since it was believed to be less leachable. However, studies show that nearly 81 percent of Americans have BPS in their urine at detectable levels. BPS also behaves in a similar way to BPA, which means that using BPA-free plastic isn’t the solution either.

What many expert opinions now state is that glass is the best material for healthy water bottles.

Let’s Not Forget the Environment

Even though our health comes first, the world’s health also matters to so many ethical consumers out there. That’s just another bonus reason to stay away from plastic water bottles. With 80% of water bottles ending up in landfills, and up to 1000 years per bottle decomposition, the damage single-use plastic does is immeasurable.

With glass bottles, each person can start reducing plastic waste and take responsibility for making the planet just a little bit healthier. With our environment-friendly reusable water bottles you can ensure that you’re doing your bit.

Our borosilicate water bottles come from eco-friendly production methods, but that isn’t even the best part. We’ve created a mechanism in our products to help you enjoy the benefits of pH balanced healthy water with our reusable water purification bottle.

Buy reusable water purification bottles today for a sustainable, BPA and plastic free drinking experience.