Why Bodyguard Bottles


  • Eco Friendly. Bodyguard bottles are made of ultra clear borosilicate glass, which is known as a  special environmental and healthy glass material. This reusable water purification bottle replaces many single use plastic water bottles. Much safer for you and the environment.



  • Easy to Carry, Leak Proof, No Spill, No Sweat. Carry purified pH balanced Alkaline water you can trust. Slides easily into car cup holder, hiking backpack, gym bag. Holds just the right amount of purified pH balanced water 14.20 ounces. Bodyguard bottles have two lids one on the top and one on the bottom. You fill the bottle up from the bottom through our built in replaceable proven purifier.




  • When filling from the bottom this is the first line of defense against germs that are on faucets and water fountains.

  • You drink out of the top lid it’s not coming into contact with other people’s germs. The water passes through our built in purifier in the bottom of the bottle putting into play the next line of defense against germs. After passing through our purification you now have a bodyguard bottle that is filled with purified pH balanced alkaline water. 




  • Easy to clean: The glass is super smooth, which is very easy to wash. Bodyguard bottles are the perfect size. 
  • Dishwasher Safe: All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe. BOROSILICATE GLASS; 304 stainless steel purification Infuser and lids. Bodyguard bottles are manufactured from durable, BPA free borosilicate glass. Bodyguard Bottles won't leech chemicals or alter the taste that plastic bottles are known for. 



  • Capacity: 14.20 ounces. Each bodyguard bottle Package includes.  One 180 day purifier. One stainless steel purification infuser. Two lids.  One Bodyguard Bottle (With Grip)